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Playlist of “Another show of eclectic music from Poland” on WORT’s 89.9 FM Madison Global Revolutions 8/29/2011

August 30, 2011

Host of the Global Revolutions show - Martin Alvarado (left) and Yours Truly at WORT's station

1/ Incarnations  “Milosc Tobie Dam”; composed by W.Krzak/B. Loebl ; from CD Radio Retro (2010); Kayax Rec.

2/  Volosi “Transylwania”; trad from (self titled ,2011) on Unzipped Fly Rec

3/ Volosi “Zmierzch – Dusk” composed by Stanislaw Lason from self titled (2011) on Unzipped Fly Rec/Fonografika  (,; Poland, 2011)

4/ Przemek Sokol “Slavic Soul” composed by P. Sokol from Slavic Soul (2011) on Mystic Productions (, Poland);

5/ Psio Crew “Baciar” composed by Psio Crew from EP Baciar (2010) ; internet release -on bands website (Poland)  free download

6/ Dikanda` “Jokoriste czarno” composed by Dikanda from Live (2010, added 08/29/2011) on (Poland)

7/ Dikanda “Ajotoro” composed by Dikanda from Live (2010) on (Poland)

8/ Sedativa “God Bless Them” composed by the band from “I” (2011) on OffSide Records  (Poland)

9/ Sedativa “Sirens” composed by the band from “I”  (2011) on OffSide Rec (Poland)

10/ Vladimirska “Godzik” composed the band;  from CD Night Trains (2011) on Gustaff Records (Poland); check them out on Facebook

11/ Vladimirska “Spectacolo” composed by the band;  from CD Night Trains  (2011) on Gustaff Records (Poland)

12/ Anna Riveiro- Jagielska and Maayan “La comida de la manana” ; trad from dos amantes – sepharadic songs (2011) on Riveiro Music (,, Poland)

13/ Anna Riveiro-Jagielska and Maayan “Para Que Quero yo mas Vivir?”; traditional from dos amantes – sepharadic songs (2011) on Riveiro Music (,, Poland)

14/ Anna Jagielska-Riveiro and Maayan – “Pesah a la Mano”; traditional from Dos Amantes – Sepharadic Songs (2011) on Riveiro Music (,, Poland)

15/ Roberto Delira and Kompany “Kon Intro and  Kon;” composed by band from Zabobon/Superstition (2010) on Karrot Kommando ( , Poland)

16/ Volosi “Polka Ostateczna – Final Polka” composed by J. Kaczmarzyk from Volosi (2011) on Unzipped Fly Rec/Fonografika (,, Poland);

17/ Volosi “Sigut Techno” composed by Jan Kaczmarzyk from Volosi (2011) on Unzipped Fly Rec/Fonografika (,, Poland); 

18/ Przemek Sokol “Kamarat” composed by Przemek Sokol from Slavic Soul (2011) on Mystic Productions (, Poland);

19/ Przemek Sokol “Zmierzch Dawnych Bogow” composed by Przemyslaw Sokol from Slavic Soul (2011) on Mystic Productions (,  Poland)

20/ Dikanda “Szirato” composed by Dikanda from Ajotoro (2007) on Dikanda (, Poland)


KlezmaFour – poster, photo

February 27, 2011

KlezmaFour – music, history and inspirations.

February 27, 2011

Modern Klezmer Band From Poland Embarks on N.American Tour Feb 27 – Mar 13, 2011

By Szymon Wozniczka 2/20/11

“We are very excited about this”- Wojtek Czaplinski’s tone of voice continued to convey that feeling as he further described his band from Poland and their preparations for the upcoming North American tour. “None of the five members of Klezmafour have ever traveled to the US or Canada. So just going there, and, on top of it, being able to play our music is something we could not have even dreamed about one year ago.”

Wojtek Czaplinski (clarinet player) and his brother, Andrzej Czaplinski (violin player) are the leaders of this instrumental Klezmer band from Poland. The two brothers started the band back in 1999, when they were still in their teens.

The Czaplinski brothers had grown up watching their parents regularly perform Klezmer music at a local Jewish restaurant in their home town of Lublin, Poland. Their father had discovered Klezmer music when performing in cruise ships that made stops in the USA. Parents’ band – Lubliner Klezmorim – followed established Klezmer bands in Poland, including Kroke, Jascha Lieberman Trio and The Cracow Klezmer Band. These esteemed bands were part of the growing revival of Klezmer music in Poland in the early 1990’s.
Reflecting on his childhood experiences Wojtek reminisced, “My brother and I saw people dance, laugh and have a good time while listening to this music.” Their parents’ interest in Klezmer music inspired the brothers to later follow suite. “We were really intrigued by the different musical scales that characterized this music.”

The brothers went on to attend F. Chopin’s Music Academy in Warsaw. There, they met the other three musicians, who now complete the band’s sound: Rafal Grzaka on accordion, Gabriel Tomczuk on double bass, and Tomasz Waldowski’s on drums. All five band members are graduates of the Academy. And even though none of them have
Jewish roots, they all share the common roots of having grown up in Polish cities (Lublin, Warsaw and Bialystok.) which, prior to WWII, were strongholds of Yiddish culture.
Together, the five musicians produce a sound that explores Poland’s multicultural past and connects it with Poland’s contemporary culture. Though Klezmafour’s sound is primarily based upon Klezmer musical tradition; the band’s appreciation for diverse styles urged them to infuse their music with jazz, Balkan folk, Polish folk and other musical influences.

Wojtek continued to explain the roots of their sound and the mindset behind their creative approach. “We love Klezmer music and its beautiful musical qualities. But we live now in the 21st Century; and we feel that just trying to restore this music is not enough for us. We want to expand upon it.” He continued on, “In Klezmafour, our goal is to create music which sounds like [it is] played on one instrument … a perfect balance of colors, proportions and dynamics. This has been our destination since the beginning … the place where we want to arrive.”

Wojtek discussed the recent developments for the band. “By 2009, we thought that our sound was developed and that it was time to present our music to even wider audience; so we recorded our first CD.” The band’s self-titled CD is comprised largely of original works, composed by each of the band members. They are currently working on their second CD.

Then in 2010, Wojtek believed that they were ready to enter the 2nd International Jewish Music Competition in Amsterdam; but his fellow band members were less confident. “At first, I had to really work hard on convincing my band mates that it was worth it and possible for us to compete with other 200 top notch Jewish bands from all over the world.” But after competing against 24 Klezmer bands from 12 countries, the band was surprised to qualify as one of the six finalists. They continued on in the competition and were overjoyed to win two of the three top awards. As a result of their success, Klezmafour was invited to perform at Vancouver’s Chutzpah Festival and Michael Dorf’s City Winery in Manhattan. Their 2-week tour will start on February 27th and will conclude on March 13th, 2011, with concerts in Washburn, Chicago, Madison, Cleveland and Boston.

Here is what other people who have heard Klezmafour’s music said about us:
“One of the most energetic and compositionally strong Klezmer bands I have seen in a long time” – Michael Dorf, New York impresario, producer of New York Jazz Festival

“Klezmafour is energetic, enthusiastic and exciting to watch. They really enjoy making music and bring a fun, fresh approach to Klezmer. Definitely one of the great discoveries at the Amsterdam Jewish Music Competition in 2010” – Ken Gould, director of International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands

“These songs all fit together very well. There wasn’t anything on the album that I didn’t like. Klezmafour has hit on a new sound that, I believe, makes a bold statement on the the future direction of Klezmer.” – Keith Wolzinger’s review of band’s first CD, he is a producer of Klezmershack website; klezmer musician.

You can follow the band’s tour on Facebook and on their website:

If you would like to attend a Klezmafour concert in Midwest:
March 3 (Thursday): Washburn, WI – StageNorth
March 5 (Saturday): Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon

Announcement – klezmer band from Poland on tour in USA – Madison show March 5th

February 27, 2011


I would like to invite you to a special concert on March 5th (Saturday) at High Noon Saloon in Madison (
Award-winning Polish klezmer fusion band – Klezmafour is making their stop in Madison during their first USA/Canada tour.
Please check them out on Facebook or on their website (eng.):
and CD review

Event: Klezmafour – live concert
Event Description: fusion klezmer (music of Eastern European Jews) band from Poland on their first tour in USA/Canada
Time: 6:30 – Yid Vicious opening; 7:00 – Klezmafour (till approx. 8:30 pm)
date: March 5th 2011
tickets are; $12 in advance and $15 at the door;
you can purchase advance tickets at the website of the venue or by e-mailing me in advance with a name and number of tickets needed
location: High Noon Saloon (near East Washington Ave. – downtown Madison)
it’s a 21 and older show whic means kids can come when accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian

Klezmer music from Poland

February 14, 2011
Here is a playlist for yesterday’s Klezmer, Jewish music show. I was only able to fit 7 artists this time. There is so much more worth presenting that’s happening on the Polish Klezmer scene that I will continue featuring more of this type of music on the future WORT shows.
01/  Siegra, Saposzkele,  (CD Memories of Stone, on Windhunter Rec, 2010)
02/  Kroke, Luftmentsch (CD Out of Sight, Oriente Rec, 2010)
03/  Chanajki Klezmer Band, Rivkele di Shabesdike (CD Chanajki, self released 2010)
04/  Chanajki Klezmer Band, Bialistok majn hajm, (CD Chanajki, self released, 2010)
05/  Klezmafour, Klezmafour, The Storm (CD Klezmafour, 2010)
06/  Klezmafour, Klezmafour, Lublin  (CD Klezmafour, 2010)
07/  Klezmafour, Klezmafour, Bialystok Station (CD Klezmafour, 2010)
08/  Klezmafour, Klezmafour, Suite Part2 (CD Klezmafour, 2010)
09/ Quartet Klezmer Trio, 8PM, Ich Hob, (CD Austeria, 2008)
10/  Quartet Klezmer Trio, 8PM, Cziribim,  (CD Austeria, 2008)
11/  Edyta Geppert & Kroke,  Zrob cos z soba, (CD Spiewam Zycie EMI, 2006)
12/  Cukunft, Track 2 (CD Itstikeyt, Lado ABC, 2010)
13/  Cukunft, track 8 (CD Fargangenheit, Lado ABC, 2010)
14/ Jascha Lieberman, Oyfn Weg Shteyt a Boym, (CD Bats Gallery, Jascha Lieberman, 2010)
15/  Cukunft, Track 9 (CD Fargangenheit, Lado ABC, 2010)
16/  Jascha Lieberman, Szeroka Street (CD Bats Gallery, Jascha Lieberman, 2010)