World Music from Poland: 3/26/2012 – “Global Revolutions” on 89.9 WORT; playlist

1.   Zywiolak –  “Prolog” from Globalna Wiocha (Karrot Kommando; 2011)

The title of Zywiolak’s second CD can be translated as “Red-necks’ Global Village”.  This CD marks a significant change of sound and style for this quintet, followed by introduction of two new female singers.  This time, the band does not shy from amplifying their hurdy-gurdy, viola, bass and lyre.

 “Sonnet” from  CD “Sonnet” (Jaro Records 2011)

Aldona Nowowiejska is a Polish singer who lives and works in France.  “Sonnet” is her debut CD

3.   Meadow Quartet “Das Schloss – A tribute to F. Kafka” from CD Unexpected (Multikulti Project) 2012

Meadow Quartet is a group of classically trained musicians from northern Poland who for the first time met and started playing together to create a new sonic world mostly inspired by klezmer music.  “Unexpected” is their debut CD

4.  Čači Vorba “Me Pačav” from Tajno Biav – Secret Marriage (Oriente Musik) 2011

Caci Vorba is a 5-piece Polish-Ukrainian group playing music of mostly southern Roma.  Secret Marriage is their second CD.  Both of their recordings were met with high acclaim in a foreign press (f.e “Songlines”), praised for playing very imaginative and dynamic take on traditional Roma tunes.

5.  Kale Bala “Te meraw/Kiedy umre” from Romowie (Polskie Radio)  2001; the CD is a 19 th volume of the great “roots music” series issued by Polish Public Radio called “Sources of Polish Folk Music”. This volume features 27 pieces by two Roma bands from southern Poland “Kale Bala” and “Kale Jahka”, extensive liner notes are both in Polish and English.

Here is another example of their music:

6. Romano Drom “Siwy Kon” from Melodie i Piosenki Cyganskie (F.F. Gamma) 2002

7. Romano Drom “W Ogrodzie” from Melodie i Piosenki Cyganskie (F.F. Gamma) 2002

This is a street band of Roma musicians from Krakow area. I used to see them play on the streets of Old Town especially on Florianska Street when I lived in Krakow and was attending college.

Here is a piece with a female guest vocalist, performing in the most famous Old Town cafe-cabaret in Krakow – “Piwnica pod Baranami”

8.  Dziani “Paszo Wesz” from Czarny Kon (Pomaton; 1998)

This singer represents the younger generation of Roma musicians, eager to open up to musical influences from non-Roma musicians and traditions; very interesting take on some Roma classics.  Unfortunately this promising CD debut appears to be the only one Dziani Szmidt put out.

And here is another piece from the same CD (with some bizarre choice of visuals):

9. Widymo – “A w nidziele”  from A naszi dwory wysoki hory (Widymo – self released; 2004)

10. Widymo “Tam na hori Cyhany stolajy” from A naszi dwory wysoki hory (Widymo – self released; 2004)

11. Widymo “Karczmareczka” from A naszi dwory wysoki hory (Widymo – self released; 2004)

Widymo is a nine-piece all female vocal group performing songs of Carpathians Mtn region since 2000.  They perform songs in Polish and Ukrainian and refer to their repertoire as “songs that were overheard, borrowed or made-up”.

and a 10 minut excerpt of their concert in Lvov, Ukraine:


Daga Dana “Chmiel” from dlaczego nie (Agora 978-1-56592-479-6 2011)Buy it!


Daga Dana “A na ostatek” from dlaczego nie (Agora 978-1-56592-479-6 2011)Buy it!


Wolosi “Szumi Dolina” from Lasoniowie (unzipped fly 2011)Buy it!


Wolosi “Pozegnanie Z Salaszem” from Lasoniowie (unzipped fly www.fonografika.pl2011)Buy it!


Ruta “Jak to dawni dobrze belo” from Gore (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Ruta “Szubieniczka stoi” from Gore (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Ruta “Z batogami na panow” from Gore (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Ruta “Piesn o Jakubie Szeli” from Gore (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Etnofonie Kurpiowskie “Uwoz Mamo” from Tribute to Szymanowski and ShierkowskiALBUM (4ever music 2011)Buy it!


Etnofonie Kurpiowskie “Panie muzykancie prosim zagrac walca” from Tribute to Szymanowski and Shierkowski ALBUM (4ever music 2011)Buy it!


Etnofonie Kurpiowskie “Bzicem kunia” from Tribute to Szymanowski and ShierkowskiALBUM (4ever music 2011)Buy it!


Sporyzs Polska “Ober” from Sporyzs Polska (Sporyzs Polska 2010)Buy it!


Sporyzs Polska “Polka Kowalewskich” from Sporyzs Polska (Sporyzs Polska 2010)Buy it!


Pablopavo & Praczas “Technika Geby” from Glodne Kawalki (Karrot Komando2011)Buy it!


PabloPavo & Ludziki “Oddajcie kino Moskwa” from 10 Piosenek (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Klezmafour “Urca feat. Pablopavo” from 5th Element (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Klezmafour “Golem Fury” from 5th Element (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Klezmafour “Giantnohobbies” from 5th Element (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Maja Sikorowska & Kroke “Ta Hartina” from Avra (EMI Poland 094637648926 2011) —listener questionBuy it!


Maja Sikorowska & Kroke “Hronia Helidonia” from Avra (EMI Poland 0946376489262011) —listener questionBuy it!


Naaman “Nie zamykaj oczu” from Sila CD ALBUM (Lionstage 2011)

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