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“Suka” – forgotten folk instrument from Poland

September 26, 2011

Here is a short article and a video of mini-recital by Maria Pomianowska playing suka РPolish ancient precursor of violin.  Mrs Pomianowska is an incredible musician and a music professor who dedicated her talents to unearthing and popularizing forgotten Polish instruments and folk music  as well as discovering connections between traditional music of Europe and Asia.


Mikrokolektyw – free jazz group from Wroclaw Poland – played live in Madison

September 21, 2011

On the evening of 18th of September 2011, the group played a great innovative set for trumpet, drums and loops and bleeps in a cozy studio Audio for the Arts. Thank you Brooke for organizing this edition of “Surrounded by Reality” concert series.
This was the opening concert of their 2-week USA tour. It was no a first visit and a tour to US for a trumpeter Artur Majewski. He played with Chicago’s jazz musicians previously. This time they are supporting their Delmark Records CD called “Revisit”, this marks the first time that this legendary Chicago jazz label relased a CD by European artist.
Please find out why and check out these two excerpts from the show:

Group Dikanda from Poland on their first USA tour

September 6, 2011

Polish-Gypsy-Balkan fusion band - Dikanda fronted by three women will perform in Madison for the first time