World Music from Poland: 3/26/2012 – “Global Revolutions” on 89.9 WORT; playlist

April 12, 2012

1.   Zywiolak –  “Prolog” from Globalna Wiocha (Karrot Kommando; 2011)

The title of Zywiolak’s second CD can be translated as “Red-necks’ Global Village”.  This CD marks a significant change of sound and style for this quintet, followed by introduction of two new female singers.  This time, the band does not shy from amplifying their hurdy-gurdy, viola, bass and lyre.

 “Sonnet” from  CD “Sonnet” (Jaro Records 2011)

Aldona Nowowiejska is a Polish singer who lives and works in France.  “Sonnet” is her debut CD

3.   Meadow Quartet “Das Schloss – A tribute to F. Kafka” from CD Unexpected (Multikulti Project) 2012

Meadow Quartet is a group of classically trained musicians from northern Poland who for the first time met and started playing together to create a new sonic world mostly inspired by klezmer music.  “Unexpected” is their debut CD

4.  Čači Vorba “Me Pačav” from Tajno Biav – Secret Marriage (Oriente Musik) 2011

Caci Vorba is a 5-piece Polish-Ukrainian group playing music of mostly southern Roma.  Secret Marriage is their second CD.  Both of their recordings were met with high acclaim in a foreign press (f.e “Songlines”), praised for playing very imaginative and dynamic take on traditional Roma tunes.

5.  Kale Bala “Te meraw/Kiedy umre” from Romowie (Polskie Radio)  2001; the CD is a 19 th volume of the great “roots music” series issued by Polish Public Radio called “Sources of Polish Folk Music”. This volume features 27 pieces by two Roma bands from southern Poland “Kale Bala” and “Kale Jahka”, extensive liner notes are both in Polish and English.

Here is another example of their music:

6. Romano Drom “Siwy Kon” from Melodie i Piosenki Cyganskie (F.F. Gamma) 2002

7. Romano Drom “W Ogrodzie” from Melodie i Piosenki Cyganskie (F.F. Gamma) 2002

This is a street band of Roma musicians from Krakow area. I used to see them play on the streets of Old Town especially on Florianska Street when I lived in Krakow and was attending college.

Here is a piece with a female guest vocalist, performing in the most famous Old Town cafe-cabaret in Krakow – “Piwnica pod Baranami”

8.  Dziani “Paszo Wesz” from Czarny Kon (Pomaton; 1998)

This singer represents the younger generation of Roma musicians, eager to open up to musical influences from non-Roma musicians and traditions; very interesting take on some Roma classics.  Unfortunately this promising CD debut appears to be the only one Dziani Szmidt put out.

And here is another piece from the same CD (with some bizarre choice of visuals):

9. Widymo – “A w nidziele”  from A naszi dwory wysoki hory (Widymo – self released; 2004)

10. Widymo “Tam na hori Cyhany stolajy” from A naszi dwory wysoki hory (Widymo – self released; 2004)

11. Widymo “Karczmareczka” from A naszi dwory wysoki hory (Widymo – self released; 2004)

Widymo is a nine-piece all female vocal group performing songs of Carpathians Mtn region since 2000.  They perform songs in Polish and Ukrainian and refer to their repertoire as “songs that were overheard, borrowed or made-up”.

and a 10 minut excerpt of their concert in Lvov, Ukraine:


Daga Dana “Chmiel” from dlaczego nie (Agora 978-1-56592-479-6 2011)Buy it!


Daga Dana “A na ostatek” from dlaczego nie (Agora 978-1-56592-479-6 2011)Buy it!


Wolosi “Szumi Dolina” from Lasoniowie (unzipped fly 2011)Buy it!


Wolosi “Pozegnanie Z Salaszem” from Lasoniowie (unzipped fly www.fonografika.pl2011)Buy it!


Ruta “Jak to dawni dobrze belo” from Gore (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Ruta “Szubieniczka stoi” from Gore (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Ruta “Z batogami na panow” from Gore (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Ruta “Piesn o Jakubie Szeli” from Gore (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Etnofonie Kurpiowskie “Uwoz Mamo” from Tribute to Szymanowski and ShierkowskiALBUM (4ever music 2011)Buy it!


Etnofonie Kurpiowskie “Panie muzykancie prosim zagrac walca” from Tribute to Szymanowski and Shierkowski ALBUM (4ever music 2011)Buy it!


Etnofonie Kurpiowskie “Bzicem kunia” from Tribute to Szymanowski and ShierkowskiALBUM (4ever music 2011)Buy it!


Sporyzs Polska “Ober” from Sporyzs Polska (Sporyzs Polska 2010)Buy it!


Sporyzs Polska “Polka Kowalewskich” from Sporyzs Polska (Sporyzs Polska 2010)Buy it!


Pablopavo & Praczas “Technika Geby” from Glodne Kawalki (Karrot Komando2011)Buy it!


PabloPavo & Ludziki “Oddajcie kino Moskwa” from 10 Piosenek (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Klezmafour “Urca feat. Pablopavo” from 5th Element (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Klezmafour “Golem Fury” from 5th Element (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Klezmafour “Giantnohobbies” from 5th Element (Karrot 2011)Buy it!


Maja Sikorowska & Kroke “Ta Hartina” from Avra (EMI Poland 094637648926 2011) —listener questionBuy it!


Maja Sikorowska & Kroke “Hronia Helidonia” from Avra (EMI Poland 0946376489262011) —listener questionBuy it!


Naaman “Nie zamykaj oczu” from Sila CD ALBUM (Lionstage 2011)

Polish music on “Global Revolutions” on 89.9 Fm WORT, 12/12/2011 playlist

December 13, 2011

1/ IncarNations “Jestem tu – Goree” from Bogdan Loebl + Little Axe = Incarnations (Jaro Records 2005)

2/ IncarNations “Uśnijze mi uśnij” from “Radio Retro” CD ALBUM (Kayax Production 2010)
free download of EP “We2” at

3/ Swoja Droga i Goscie “Chmiel” from “Swoja Droga & Goscie” (A.A. MTJ 2011)

4/ Maleo Reggae Rockers “Pod Popugami feat. Lilu” from “Rzeka Dziecinstwa” (Universal Music Polska 2011)

5/ Jahoo “Deszcz” from “Dobre Slowo” (Moritz Records) 2011

6/ EastWest Rockers “Ile Jeszcze Serc” from “Eastwest.FM” (Karrot Kommando http://www.karrot.p)

7/ Volosi (formerly Wolosi i Lasoniowie) “Zmierzch” from “self titled” (Unzipped Fly Records 2011) CD available on iTunes

8/ Tolhaje “Bojkowska Kolomyjka” from “StereoKarpaty” (Ursa Maior 2011)

9/ Psio Crew “Sissa” from EP Baciar CD ALBUM (internet release -on bands website 2010) 2 Eps available from the website for a legal free download at their website

10/ Besquidians “Ptaszek” from “Besquidians” (internet release) Full CD available for free, legal download from the website

11/ Čači Vorba “Pristana si Rada” from Tajno Biav – Secret Marriage (Oriente Musik 2011)

12/ Przemek Sokol “Ethno Brass Sound System” from “Slavic Soul”CD (Mystic Productions 2011)

13/ Dikanda “Jakhana” from Live 2-CD ALBUM ( 2010)

14/ Klezmafour “Urca” (feat.PabloPavo) from “5th Element” (Karrot Kommando Records 2011);

15/ Warszawa Kyiv Express “Mister F” from “Huculski Blues” (ViviSound 2011)

16/ Adam Strug “Zloty Waz” from “Nowa Tradycja 2008” (Polskie Radio 2008)!zespo%C5%82y/vstc4=adam-strug

17/ Adam Strug “W Nocy Wiary” from “Nowa Tradycja 2008” (Polskie Radio 2008)

18/ Adam Strug “Nie Chce Bog” from “Nowa Tradycja” 2008 (Polskie Radio 2008)

19/ Chlopcy kontra Basia “Mam Meza” from “Nowa Tradycja 2010” (Polskie Radio 2010)

20/ Čači Vorba “Ioane,Ioane!” from Takno Biav – Secret Marriage (Oriente Musik 2011)

21/ Jan Krzysztof Kelus “Elegia Grudniowa” from “Byl raz dobry swiat…” (Altmaster 1999)

22/ Jacek Kaczmarski “Oblawa” from “Poeci Piosenki” (EMI 2007)

23/ Swoja Droga i Goscie “Bez Lez” from “Swoja Droga & Goscie” (A.A. MTJ 2011)

24/ Čači Vorba “Moroz” from “Tajno Biav -Secret Marriage” (Oriente Musik 2011)

25/ Volosi (formerly Wolosi i Lasoniowie) – Tango Stefana” from Lasoniowie (unzipped fly 2011)

Thank you to David Alvorado for letting me be the guest on his show and to WORT for sharing the airwaves with Polish community.

“Suka” – forgotten folk instrument from Poland

September 26, 2011

Here is a short article and a video of mini-recital by Maria Pomianowska playing suka – Polish ancient precursor of violin.  Mrs Pomianowska is an incredible musician and a music professor who dedicated her talents to unearthing and popularizing forgotten Polish instruments and folk music  as well as discovering connections between traditional music of Europe and Asia.

Mikrokolektyw – free jazz group from Wroclaw Poland – played live in Madison

September 21, 2011

On the evening of 18th of September 2011, the group played a great innovative set for trumpet, drums and loops and bleeps in a cozy studio Audio for the Arts. Thank you Brooke for organizing this edition of “Surrounded by Reality” concert series.
This was the opening concert of their 2-week USA tour. It was no a first visit and a tour to US for a trumpeter Artur Majewski. He played with Chicago’s jazz musicians previously. This time they are supporting their Delmark Records CD called “Revisit”, this marks the first time that this legendary Chicago jazz label relased a CD by European artist.
Please find out why and check out these two excerpts from the show:

Group Dikanda from Poland on their first USA tour

September 6, 2011

Polish-Gypsy-Balkan fusion band - Dikanda fronted by three women will perform in Madison for the first time

Mikrokolektyw – experimental jazz duo from Poland – live in Madison, WI

August 30, 2011

Kuba Suchar and Artur Majewski = Mikrokolektyw

It’s going to be a very busy week – in the middle of September – for anybody interested in catching up with what’s exciting in music from Poland. For the first time ever there will be two Polish artists performing in the same week in Madison.  Following the concerts of  three bands from Poland:  Klezmafour (March 2011) and Kwadrofonik and Janusz Prusinowski Trio (September 2010), two other very different musical groups are  enriching Madison’s concert offer.   I mentioned Dikanda’s concert in my previous post.

But on Sunday the 18th of  September Au, 2011 at 7:30 pm, Audio For the Arts presents concert by Mikrokolektyw – a trumpet, drums , electronics based Polish jazz duo. They released their debut – “Revisit” (2010) on Chicago’s Delmark label.  Their Madison appearance will be their first one of their first 10-day tour.

Sunday September 18, 2011, 7.30pm
Audio for the Arts
, 7 South Blair St, Madison, WI 53703
608.255.0511 / / $10

Please check out more details at the address below:

Dikanda – folk band from Poland – show in Madison

August 30, 2011

Cover of their Diaknda's latest "Live" 2 Cd set

Dikanda – a six piece band from Poland, fusing music of the Balkans, Poland and the Gypsies is embarking on their first US tour this September.

They will play in Madison on September 21st (Wednesday), 2011 at The Brink Lounge  (  starting at 7:30 pm.

Dikanda – fronted by three female vocalists is known for its dynamic live performances.  They have been playing since 1997 and have released five CDs of covers and original compositions.

Please check out more info regarding their tour and music, videos and song samples at

Dikanda Live

Dikanda's singers

Playlist of “Another show of eclectic music from Poland” on WORT’s 89.9 FM Madison Global Revolutions 8/29/2011

August 30, 2011

Host of the Global Revolutions show - Martin Alvarado (left) and Yours Truly at WORT's station

1/ Incarnations  “Milosc Tobie Dam”; composed by W.Krzak/B. Loebl ; from CD Radio Retro (2010); Kayax Rec.

2/  Volosi “Transylwania”; trad from (self titled ,2011) on Unzipped Fly Rec

3/ Volosi “Zmierzch – Dusk” composed by Stanislaw Lason from self titled (2011) on Unzipped Fly Rec/Fonografika  (,; Poland, 2011)

4/ Przemek Sokol “Slavic Soul” composed by P. Sokol from Slavic Soul (2011) on Mystic Productions (, Poland);

5/ Psio Crew “Baciar” composed by Psio Crew from EP Baciar (2010) ; internet release -on bands website (Poland)  free download

6/ Dikanda` “Jokoriste czarno” composed by Dikanda from Live (2010, added 08/29/2011) on (Poland)

7/ Dikanda “Ajotoro” composed by Dikanda from Live (2010) on (Poland)

8/ Sedativa “God Bless Them” composed by the band from “I” (2011) on OffSide Records  (Poland)

9/ Sedativa “Sirens” composed by the band from “I”  (2011) on OffSide Rec (Poland)

10/ Vladimirska “Godzik” composed the band;  from CD Night Trains (2011) on Gustaff Records (Poland); check them out on Facebook

11/ Vladimirska “Spectacolo” composed by the band;  from CD Night Trains  (2011) on Gustaff Records (Poland)

12/ Anna Riveiro- Jagielska and Maayan “La comida de la manana” ; trad from dos amantes – sepharadic songs (2011) on Riveiro Music (,, Poland)

13/ Anna Riveiro-Jagielska and Maayan “Para Que Quero yo mas Vivir?”; traditional from dos amantes – sepharadic songs (2011) on Riveiro Music (,, Poland)

14/ Anna Jagielska-Riveiro and Maayan – “Pesah a la Mano”; traditional from Dos Amantes – Sepharadic Songs (2011) on Riveiro Music (,, Poland)

15/ Roberto Delira and Kompany “Kon Intro and  Kon;” composed by band from Zabobon/Superstition (2010) on Karrot Kommando ( , Poland)

16/ Volosi “Polka Ostateczna – Final Polka” composed by J. Kaczmarzyk from Volosi (2011) on Unzipped Fly Rec/Fonografika (,, Poland);

17/ Volosi “Sigut Techno” composed by Jan Kaczmarzyk from Volosi (2011) on Unzipped Fly Rec/Fonografika (,, Poland); 

18/ Przemek Sokol “Kamarat” composed by Przemek Sokol from Slavic Soul (2011) on Mystic Productions (, Poland);

19/ Przemek Sokol “Zmierzch Dawnych Bogow” composed by Przemyslaw Sokol from Slavic Soul (2011) on Mystic Productions (,  Poland)

20/ Dikanda “Szirato” composed by Dikanda from Ajotoro (2007) on Dikanda (, Poland)

KlezmaFour – poster, photo

February 27, 2011

KlezmaFour – music, history and inspirations.

February 27, 2011

Modern Klezmer Band From Poland Embarks on N.American Tour Feb 27 – Mar 13, 2011

By Szymon Wozniczka 2/20/11

“We are very excited about this”- Wojtek Czaplinski’s tone of voice continued to convey that feeling as he further described his band from Poland and their preparations for the upcoming North American tour. “None of the five members of Klezmafour have ever traveled to the US or Canada. So just going there, and, on top of it, being able to play our music is something we could not have even dreamed about one year ago.”

Wojtek Czaplinski (clarinet player) and his brother, Andrzej Czaplinski (violin player) are the leaders of this instrumental Klezmer band from Poland. The two brothers started the band back in 1999, when they were still in their teens.

The Czaplinski brothers had grown up watching their parents regularly perform Klezmer music at a local Jewish restaurant in their home town of Lublin, Poland. Their father had discovered Klezmer music when performing in cruise ships that made stops in the USA. Parents’ band – Lubliner Klezmorim – followed established Klezmer bands in Poland, including Kroke, Jascha Lieberman Trio and The Cracow Klezmer Band. These esteemed bands were part of the growing revival of Klezmer music in Poland in the early 1990’s.
Reflecting on his childhood experiences Wojtek reminisced, “My brother and I saw people dance, laugh and have a good time while listening to this music.” Their parents’ interest in Klezmer music inspired the brothers to later follow suite. “We were really intrigued by the different musical scales that characterized this music.”

The brothers went on to attend F. Chopin’s Music Academy in Warsaw. There, they met the other three musicians, who now complete the band’s sound: Rafal Grzaka on accordion, Gabriel Tomczuk on double bass, and Tomasz Waldowski’s on drums. All five band members are graduates of the Academy. And even though none of them have
Jewish roots, they all share the common roots of having grown up in Polish cities (Lublin, Warsaw and Bialystok.) which, prior to WWII, were strongholds of Yiddish culture.
Together, the five musicians produce a sound that explores Poland’s multicultural past and connects it with Poland’s contemporary culture. Though Klezmafour’s sound is primarily based upon Klezmer musical tradition; the band’s appreciation for diverse styles urged them to infuse their music with jazz, Balkan folk, Polish folk and other musical influences.

Wojtek continued to explain the roots of their sound and the mindset behind their creative approach. “We love Klezmer music and its beautiful musical qualities. But we live now in the 21st Century; and we feel that just trying to restore this music is not enough for us. We want to expand upon it.” He continued on, “In Klezmafour, our goal is to create music which sounds like [it is] played on one instrument … a perfect balance of colors, proportions and dynamics. This has been our destination since the beginning … the place where we want to arrive.”

Wojtek discussed the recent developments for the band. “By 2009, we thought that our sound was developed and that it was time to present our music to even wider audience; so we recorded our first CD.” The band’s self-titled CD is comprised largely of original works, composed by each of the band members. They are currently working on their second CD.

Then in 2010, Wojtek believed that they were ready to enter the 2nd International Jewish Music Competition in Amsterdam; but his fellow band members were less confident. “At first, I had to really work hard on convincing my band mates that it was worth it and possible for us to compete with other 200 top notch Jewish bands from all over the world.” But after competing against 24 Klezmer bands from 12 countries, the band was surprised to qualify as one of the six finalists. They continued on in the competition and were overjoyed to win two of the three top awards. As a result of their success, Klezmafour was invited to perform at Vancouver’s Chutzpah Festival and Michael Dorf’s City Winery in Manhattan. Their 2-week tour will start on February 27th and will conclude on March 13th, 2011, with concerts in Washburn, Chicago, Madison, Cleveland and Boston.

Here is what other people who have heard Klezmafour’s music said about us:
“One of the most energetic and compositionally strong Klezmer bands I have seen in a long time” – Michael Dorf, New York impresario, producer of New York Jazz Festival

“Klezmafour is energetic, enthusiastic and exciting to watch. They really enjoy making music and bring a fun, fresh approach to Klezmer. Definitely one of the great discoveries at the Amsterdam Jewish Music Competition in 2010” – Ken Gould, director of International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands

“These songs all fit together very well. There wasn’t anything on the album that I didn’t like. Klezmafour has hit on a new sound that, I believe, makes a bold statement on the the future direction of Klezmer.” – Keith Wolzinger’s review of band’s first CD, he is a producer of Klezmershack website; klezmer musician.

You can follow the band’s tour on Facebook and on their website:

If you would like to attend a Klezmafour concert in Midwest:
March 3 (Thursday): Washburn, WI – StageNorth
March 5 (Saturday): Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon